How long can I keep the items?
As long as we have stock we’re happy to extend your rental.
Do you charge a security deposit?
Yes, the security is applied at the end when you are cashing out. It is 15% of your rental total. Your security deposit will be sent back to you after your rental has been returned and examined.
How do I pay for the rentals?
Journey Event Center accepts payment by major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
Is delivery available for all of our items?
Yes, delivery is available through out Palm Beach and Broward County Florida.
When will my items be delivered and for how much?
Deliveries are made according to the time that was specified when reserving the rental. We will call you the day before to confirm the location and time.
Can I pick up the items myself?
Yes you can. Be advised that you are responsible for properly securing the rental items on your vehicle and out of the rain.
Is there any minimum for delivery?
There is no minimum for delivery.
Are the items cleaned after each use?
All items are cleaned and sanitized by our staff.
How far in advance do I need to reserve an item?
It is recommended to reserve as far in advance as possible as we tend to sell out during some weekends and most major holidays.